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At SmartLink we work to ensure the best outputs of our work by applying the best quality standards followed in different businesses, including :

AI & Machine Learning

• The Smart-Chabot system is designed based on advanced language processing, taking into account differentiation in spoken languages.
• Smart-Chabot learning is mainly based on training on millions of received conversations between agents and clients.

Smart Dashboard

  • Create your own Dashboard in one minute
  • Drag and drop your charts
  • Inbound Calls Real Time Charts
  • Outbound Calls Real Time Charts
  • Historical Data Charts
  • CRM Charts
  • Auto Dialer Charts
  • KPIs and SLA
  • AI and ML Charts
  • All In one Place

Smart Chatbot

Smart-Chabot offers a unique analytical tool which is to be used as below::

  • Responding to the most common inquiries: Inquiries are frequently received on specific topics within a scenario of discussion between agents and clients. Analysis of conversations indicates these topics and their discussion scenario. This enables Smart-Chabot to provide automatic responses interactively with clients.
  • Assisting in choosing the appropriate responses: Smart-Chabot works synchronously with the agent to provide suggestions of appropriate responses. This saves time in responding, guarantees the quality of responses, and contributes to re-transferring experience to the agent.
  • Skills-based guidance: For further sensitive topics, Smart-Chabot chooses the most experienced agent based on the topic of the conversation. The agent is chosen based on an analysis of his performance and experiences gained during the previous conversations.
  • Monitoring the performance of agents to ensure quality: Monitoring and evaluation guarantees a high quality of agent performance. Due to the huge amount of daily conversations, Smart-Chabot automatically analyzes the conversations and evaluates the responses. Then, it submits periodic reports aiming to overcome obstacles and raise quality of agents and responses.
  • Addressing emerging needs and trends: Usually new topics arise with clients that were not previously addressed. Smart-Chabot reports on emerging topics which is offered by clients. This ensures self-development and keeping pace with what clients need.

Omni - Channels

In housed and Outsourced Contact Center solutions
With 15 years of excellent contact center operation and client relationships, SmartLink has a reputation as a trusted partner, whose representatives genuinely care for your customers. We have successfully transformed diverse, complex support centers into effective consolidated, high performance, customer engagement centers, using state of the art systems and certified methodologies. We balance our business of providing world-class omnichannel contact center solutions that fulfill our clients’ needs. We serve a wide range of industries such as, energy and electricity, government organizations, financial and banking water and sanitation, public transportation, Education, tourism, postal services and information security and communications, banking, telecommunications, aviation, retail, travel, metallurgical industries and more.